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10 Things You Must Do When Changing WordPress Themes

WordPress is indeed fun when it comes to blogging. The splendid world of themes that WordPress lays out at your disposal is also amazing. You would find a vast variety of themes when you click the theme bar of this portal. But, when it comes to changing WordPress Themes, you should always keep certain things in mind so that your blog is not disturbed in any way.

Changing WordPress Themes Guide

You should always check the following while changing the WordPress theme.

Check for Sidebar Changes

If you have a WordPress theme that is widget enabled, you would not face the trouble of remembering the widgets. But, in case that is not so try and remember the widget codes. This would help you maintain the sidebar as it is when you change the theme.

Blog Stat Tracking Code

When you have a blog, it is natural that you wish to have a tracking tool. The stat tracking code is usually present in the header and footer area of the blog. When you change the theme of your blog, be ready to remember these codes. The reason being your header and footer would be wiped off instantly.

Plugins Needed

When you change a theme, there are plugins that are already present within the theme or, are not needed in that theme. Check for such plugins and remove them so that you dont face redundancy.

Plugin Verification

Many plugins need you to edit the template files and, add a code to activate these plugins. If that is not needed you can use the plugin, else try to remove these plugins.

Google Adsense

A blogger running ads on their blog needs to keep an eye for this. When you change the themes, your Google Adsense block should also be changed in terms of designs, style and colors to match the new theme. Ensure you do that to make your blog more attractive in appearance.

RSS Feed Subscriptions

RSS feeds are very important to any blog. So, ensure when you change your theme these subscriptions work. You can always subscribe to your blog and, check for it. If it is working it is fine else try to change your RSS feed as per the blog.

Check Your New Theme

The preview version of a new theme would not allow you to see through all the features. You would need to check the features once you have activated the theme. Check each and every feature present till you are not satisfied.

Multiple Browser Compatibility

A theme may be well acquainted with a particular browser but, may not work with the other browsers. Check for compatibility with every browser before finalizing it.

Make Changes Properly

When you are careful about choosing a theme, you should be careful while making the changes on this theme as well. Make sure you cause those small adjustments and, also get your theme working on all the browsers as well.

Post Your Changes

When you have changed your theme, make sure you announce it to people. You would have a lot of feedback wherein people using various kinds of browser would be able to tell you how it actually is.

Follow these steps and, get your blog a beautiful theme that would make it appear better and professional.

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