Change Joomla User Registration Settings in Easy Steps

Change Joomla User Registration SettingsJoomla is a flexible content management system. Here you can set different permissions for different users. This blog post covers one such aspect. Usually all users can resister in most online websites. But this tutorial on change Joomla user registration settings allows only the webmaster to have complete control over user registration. follow the steps to change user registration settings easily.

How to Change Joomla User Registration Settings?

  1. Log in to the backend.
  2. Go to Site > Global Configuration in the menu item.
  3. Click on the System tab.
  4. Look for User Settings and change it as per your requirement.
  5. Click on the Save or Apply button to implement the new settings.
  6. On success you will see a blue colored message “The Global Configuration details have been updated”. Else you will see a red error message.

You can only change Joomla user registration settings for the 1.5 version. If you see the error message then request a quote. Our experienced team will change Joomla user registration settings for you.