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How to improve the security of your WordPress Blog?

Wordpress SecurityHacking has suddenly become a major problem in the cyber world. Every second day one hears of some or the other site being hacked. This has led to a major security issue in the online world. In spite of this major issue, most of you tend to ignore security while building your site online. Of course, nobody feels that they are going to be targeted. But, precaution is always a better thing while building a business online. A few tips that would help improve your blog’s security are mentioned.

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The True Cost Of Building And Managing A WordPress Website

If you are a casual content writer who runs a website just for fun, you should be absolutely fine with the basic features that WordPress provides you with. But, if you are a serious business owner who feels that WordPress is the way to the future of your business, then you would need a bit more than the usual basic features. The cost of ownership of your WordPress site would increase and, in fact there would be a cost associated with it once you believe it is for serious business. A few in-depth details into what exactly would cost you while owning a site on WordPress and, how much you would need to pay is what is given below for your understanding.

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10 Techniques To Display Featured Articles In WordPress Blog

Widgets are very popular and useful tools when working with WordPress. If you are a blogger, you would be using a lot of widgets just to give your blog that amazing look. Featured Articles is one such widget that manages to give your blog a professional look. Along the side bar of your blog, you would notice a scroll bar or, a slide show of your articles. This would allow a reader a peek in your blog and derive the basic thoughts associated with it. There are ways to display this featured articles widget in the WordPress blog so that it gives your blog a nice feel and professional touch.

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4 Simple Ways To Speed Up WordPress

A WordPress blogger’s absolute delight lies in the heavy traffic he manages to capture on his blog. When you as a blogger see a lot of likes and, views you know your blog is working. But, this same traffic could be the reason for your WordPress going slow. The problem also could be inefficient coding being present on the site because of which the blog runs slow. The bottom line is that a slow blog is definitely not a good sign and, it is time to get it running fast. There are a few simple pointers which if followed would give you a good running site along the line.

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Add Favicon in WordPress Websites and Blogs

Add Favicon in WordPress Favicon is a small image file which is seen along with the title in web browsers. Basically, these are small square sized images of 16 x 16 dimensions. They can be of any format, .jpg or .gif or .png. But preferably .ico is the best format you should choose to add favicon in WordPress sites. It is because; no compatibility issue arises with any of the modern web browsers. Plus you don’t have to upload multiple favicon files of different dimensions if you choose .ico format.

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Change Default WordPress Login Screen Logo

Change Default WordPress Login Screen LogoWordPress content management system allows a number of features for easy customizations. Here in this blog post we will be dealing with one such customization- how to change default WordPress login screen logo.

Usually whenever you log in to the backend of your blog or any other WordPress run site, you will notice the default WordPress logo. To give a different look to your blog, you can edit the login screen. This tutorial will help you to change default WordPress login screen logo in easy steps.

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