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How to convert PSD to WordPress?

Creating an image is easy but converting it to any other software is quite challenging job. People often give up the hectic task of converting a PSD file into WordPress. But it is no more a matter to worry about; here are some steps which will make your work easier. Read through to know how to convert PSD to WordPress.

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Building better tag clouds in WordPress

When the tag definition for the WordPress site or blog is done, all you need to think about next is to set a tag cloud in any places of the template. You need to use the function wp_tag_cloud() or the function wp_generate_tag_cloud(). Following the existing method, you may be contended with yourself, but there are things to explore too.

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How to customize your WordPress Comments using the 5 snippets?

To get your WordPress comments customized all you need are the plugins and to use them you need not be a techie or a programmer. You can easily get your polished comment section on your WordPress sites using a few snippets and here are they. Using these snippets, you can earn the advantage of getting the intended results without the site bloating. This article explains how to get rid of the customization problems. You can also see how to correct the issues here. So here is how to customize your WordPress comments using the 5 snippets.

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How to speed up the WordPress Site with CDN?

Do you think a content delivery network, CDN in short, can speed your WordPress site? If the answer is a negation, then you ought to know by implementing the CDN you can achieve the result. Yes, configure the CDN with Amazon Cloud Front, and Rack Space Cloud Files and the site is sped up. So, you need to get a picture of CDN for this. Here is a brief introduction to CDN and how to speed up the WordPress site with CDN.
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4 ways to make your WordPress Site more accessible

Search engine optimization and WordPress accessibility go hand in hand. If you have structured your page properly, then you can be assured that the page is machine friendly. You need to employ techniques that bring in meaningful content, make your site more accessible and search engine friendly. Just follow these 4 ways to make your WordPress site more accessible.
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