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Remove Mootools in Joomla

Mootools.js and caption.js are two javascript libraries that are mainly used in the administrator control panel. Most of the Joomla templates don’t use it. The size of the two library files are about 75k and those decrease the speed of the website. Sometimes it conflicts with few modules that are installed and the modules don’t work properly.

These are the two lines which load in the joomla website.


So to disable the two lines of code we need to write the following code on the top of the index.php file of our template.

foreach($headerstuff['scripts'] as $key=>$value){

After inserting the lines of codes, refresh the frontend and clear the joomla cache.If you have problems with mootools on your Joomla website, ask us for assistance.

Change Favicon in Joomla 1.5 , 1.6 and 1.7

To change the favicon in joomla you need to go to the templates folder (templates>your activated template). You can find a file called favicon.ico . You can replace that with the one you have created.

How to create favicon for Joomla ?

You can either create the favicon manually or you can go for online favicon generator website. Here is a list of website you can use to create favicon.

To create favicon online, you need to upload .jpg,.png,.gif files to the website. It will automatically create a favicon for you. Download it and replace that with the existing one in the template folder.

You may not able to see the change on your browser . This is because of the cache. Delete the browser as well as joomla cache to see the change.

If you have problems changing your Joomla favicon yourself, ask  us for assistance.

Joomla Redirect Manager 1.6 and 1.7

Redirect manager is a new feature in Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 . It can help you in Search Engine Optimization .You can redirect your old invalid URLs to valid  or working ones. Without a redirection you will get a 404 error or component not found which is bad for your ranking on search engines.

It is very simple . You can just add the new redirection and make it active. Be sure that you mention the full url to which you are redirecting. For other details you may visit this .

Joomla Website Optimization Services

Joomla Website gets slow after installing many modules,components and plugins. The number of CSS and Javascript files increases on installation of extensions. This increase in number decreases the page speed which slows down the page load speed.Decrease in speed of the page may lead to falling of page rank on search engines and even decrease in number of visitors of the website.

You can check your page speed at Google Online Page Speed/ or you can install YSlow Addon to your browser and Run the Test to check it. The page speed is rated out of 100.

The page speed can be increased by:

  • Combining or minifying the CSS/JS .
  • Compressing the CSS and JS file.(Check your page compression :
  • Optimizing Images
  • Using Content Delivery Network
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Minify HTML
  • Minimize Redirects
  • and more..

Infyways provides Joomla Web Optimization Services and can help you increase your page speed and your server load.

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Change Base URL in Magento


Go to Table Table: core_config_data in the back end.


Search for the OLD URL and Replace it by the new one.


Magento retains all configuration cache in /var/cache folder so delete those cache .



How to view module positions in Joomla 1.7


Go to Administrator > Extensions > Template Manager


In Template Manager, go to Options in the right hand side top of  the screen.


Then in the Template Manager Options change the Preview Module Positions to  Enabled, save and close.


Now you can view the module positions in the front end of the website by simply writing “?tp=1”  to your index.php page.Example : if your domain name where the joomla 1.7 is installed is, the you need to write to view the module positions.


Joomla Error Fixing

You might be facing errors while  while developing a joomla website. The error may be one of the following :

  • CSS Error : Joomla Core CMS is free from CSS errors but when we install any new them we suddenly may get errors. These errors can be fixed by a CSS expert who has depth knowlege on CSS or the template developer who has designed it.
  • Extension Installation Error : You may even get errors while installation of a new module,component or plugin.
  • Javascript/jQuery Conflict : The javascript functionality stop to work when their is a conflict between two or more scripts that are loading in the template.
  • Redirection Errors : Developers even face joomla page redirection problems or 404 errors.
  • PHP/MySQL Errors : The error may be at the front-end or back end(database) of the website. A person who is strong in both PHP and MySQL can solve these issues.

To solve these errors it is highly recommended to either post the queries on Joomla Forum or contact a Joomla Expert who have experience with those errors and can solve those issues in no time.We will also recommend our Joomla Experts who normally deal with such issues.
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