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5 Best Free Online Tools to Find Out the Website Speed

Online tools that will help you find out the website speed

Basically, webpage speed refers to the loading speed of a website. As per the new guidelines announced by Google, the website speed has become a vital factor in determining the ranking of a website. Undoubtedly, a slow website leads to a poor user experience which in turn gives its visitors a reduced customer satisfaction. It has been found that a website having a good webpage speed boosts conversions and leads to retention of visitors. Hence, it is very important for your website to have a good webpage speed since it has considerable effects on SEO.

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Content Management Software and SEO

Business leads to communication and connection with different kind of people. Earlier business used to be in B2B (Business-to-business) format, but now it has changed its form to B2C (Business-to-customer). B2B is indirect communication between business (The owner) and the consumer but emergence of internet has given it a new identity and existence. B2B form of communication started direct communication with their consumers, which we call B2C form. Here is all about content management software and SEO.

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All that you wanted to know about Meta Tags

SEO is in boom, so is html. To understand the formula of SEO one needs to understand the basics of html. The hundreds of web pages you go through daily on internet are written in html (hyper text markup language). These html documents include <head> element which contains <title> tag as mandatory component. Similarly Meta tags are basically tags written inside <head> element, comes under optional category. If not you, search engine will write description about your web-page in its own version, but it’s not preferable as it takes any random garbage data to describe your page.  Here is all that you wanted to know about Meta Tags.

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Nine steps to better marketing for the search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is well known term in the industry and is getting viral day-by-day. SEO is not merely a web to connect the related links of your business but it also increases the credibility of your business and makes it known in the internet world. Here are nine steps to better marketing for the search engines to help your business grow in a better way through Search Engine Optimization.

1. Get the basics clear– To be a part of SEO family one needs to clear with the basics of the SEO, begin by composing consideration getting tag lines, composed utilizing H1 or H2 tags. This will help you a ton with the web search tools. Google gives extra significance to title tags in strong H1 or H2 tags. Also, generally individuals are overpowered with qualified information from practically all over the place they look, so they “filter read”, especially on the Web. Headline is the main thing to concentrate on while working with SEO.

2. Differentiate– Select your product’s one specialty and keeping it in mind go ahead. SEO will track that one specialty of your product/service and will accordingly support your business. Choosing one powerful base of your product/service will grab the user’s attention and will result in good SEO connection with you business.

3. Testimonials– provide testimonials to your customers in a manner to leave a good impression of your product and your business as well.

4. Write creatively– You need to frame the first paragraph of your product/service in such way that it says it all. The crux of your product/service should be in the very first paragraph.

5. Information– Provide all the important information of your product/service. All the features and utilities should be covered which will increase the credibility of your product/service and business.

6. Portrayal– Your product/service’s execution depends on the way its description is written. Set the paragraphs in such a way that it gives all the related information about the product/service and at the same time convinces the user to get connected with your business.

7. Language & Tone– The language and tone of the paragraphs written for your product/service should convey a positive image and tone. The write-up should not sound fishy and should deliver the usefulness of the product/service in the reader’s mind.

8. Avoid artificial writing– Artificial writing means over-exaggeration of the product/service. The write-up should be simple and informative.

9. Call-to-action– Always provide the offers such as discount, free gifts etc in a manner to attract the reader and for their quick action for your product/service. At the end of your write-up this should be added to get quick response from your customer.

All these above guide lines are the crux of Search Engine Optimization, which helps each and every Business to market their product/service and to make the product/service’s to the masses. SEO has the wide network which can easily support you business in reaching to the people around the globe.

How to Rank a website for sales and performance?

Categorizing an internet site by considering its sales and performance may prove to be simple if you follow the correct steps. The fact is there aren’t any shortcuts, no simple resolution, if you actually wish to succeed. Like any established enterprise, the correct method to succeed and optimize and position a web site needs designing as the most important trait and planning that is projected step by step. Here is how to rank a website for sales and performance.

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SEO for Joomla Websites


We had already discussed about why we need SEO for Joomla websites. In the same post we had also talked about the need of Joomla SEO services. But, in case you missed out, let’s remind you briefly, Joomla doesn’t gel well with SEO. So, for search engine optimization, we have to exclusively empower Joomla run websites.

But the question is how. Ofcourse, Infyways Solutions is there to help you in SEO for Joomla websites. In this post, we would be providing some handy tips on SEO for Joomla websites.

SEO for Joomla Websites – Tips and Tricks

  • Enable SEF URL and URL rewriting – You can enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL and URL rewriting from the Global Configuration settings.
  • Exclude /images/ from robots.txt file – In the robots.txt file generated at the time of Joomla installation, does not index the image folder in the directory. It is advisable to exclude it from the robots.txt file. As a considerable amount of traffic comes from image search also.
  • Use Alt tags & image optimization – Image optimization is a must, both from SEO point of view as well as page loading. It’s the best SEO for Joomla websites having large multimedia in it.
  • Manage Meta data efficiently – Although Meta keywords are of lesser significance these days. But SEO for Joomla websites can be improved considerably, by using Meta description and Meta tags.
  • Create internal links to old posts – Linking back to old posts is an important technique to improve page rank and boost traffic to the Joomla website. Google views highly to websites having a strong and relevant backlink structure.
  • Decrease load speed of Joomla websites – Get rid of unused modules in the website and optimize the codes to improve page loading speed. It can also be decreased considerably, by enabling Gzip.

So, these are some of the easy to follow SEO for Joomla websites. Incase there is any difficulty in implementing it, then you can request a quote any time. Our Joomla SEO team will assist you in every matter.