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Setup Compound Tax Rates in Magento Stores

Setup Tax Rates in Your Magento Using Magento CMS, compound taxes for various products can be set. Basically, for compound taxes, the total cost of a product or service is taxed at one rate, and then the total of that amount, including the first tax amount, is taxed a second time. This tutorial will assist you in setting the compound tax rates in Magento stores.

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All About PDF Templates in Magento Stores

Magento already offers users with a number of handy PDF templates to produce memos, slips and invoices. But it also gives flexibility to store managers to create and customize the PDF templates by editing the prepared ones. This tutorial will be dealing with how you can enable, create, edit and configure templates easily.

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How to Edit, Halt & Cancel Orders in Magento Stores?

Edit, Halt & Cancel Orders in Magento Magento helps to create beautifully designed eCommerce websites. But apart from the creativeness, the transparent functionality and the ease of placing orders by the customers also influences the success of these online stores. So to make things simpler for customers, Magento allows easy way to edit an order, place an order on hold and even cancel an order. This tutorial will assist you in doing so.

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How to Add Custom Codes in Your Magento Stores

Add Custom Codes in Your Magento StoresAt times to improve the productivity of Magento websites, third party web services are required. Services like Alexa, Google Analytics and others require Java script code snippets to gather data about the eCommerce websites. For this purpose, store managers need to add custom codes in Magento stores. They can either add the code snippets in the header (inside the head HTML tag, i.e. head) or footer (below the closing body tag, i.e. /body).

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How to Add New Custom Translation in Your Magento Store

Add New Custom Translation in Your MagentoWith eCommerce websites serving customers worldwide, it becomes important to connect with the audiences. To bring about the personal touch to the Magento run websites, region specific customizations is a must, to boost products sale.For this purpose, adding a new custom translation in Magento keeps stores at an advantage. This tutorial will help you add new custom translation in your Magento store in easy steps.

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