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Category : Magento

How to Setup & Configure PayPal API Credentials in Magento

Configure PayPal API Credentials in MagentoBy providing PayPal API credentials only, some PayPal solutions can establish a connection with the PayPal server. Plus, if you are residing outside United States of America but still wish to use a PayPal Express Checkout or Websites payment Pro, you have to make use of PayPal API credentials. So inorder to facilitate customers preferring to pay using PayPal, Magento run stores must setup and configure API Credentials.

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Magento Insert Tool & its Application – Insert Images, Custom Variables & Frontend Apps

Magento Insert Tool & its Application – Insert Images, Custom Variables & Frontend Apps in Your StoreIn Magento eCommerce websites, there will be times when you need to insert a variety of things into your online store. To aid store managers to insert images, frontend apps and custom variables, Magento Go offers a mighty tool in the form of its Insert tool. This tutorial will cover what all can you insert into your store using the inbuilt Insert Tool and how to insert them correctly.

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How to Use Catalog Images Tool to Resize Images in Your Magento Store

Use Catalog Images Tool to Resize ImagesIf you wish to alter the dimensions of the catalog images in your Magento store, then the Catalog Images Tool is quite handy for this purpose. It lets you override the default size and proportion of any image in your catalog layout. You can do this by simply specifying the new dimensions of the image in pixels. This tutorial will assist you in resizing catalog images and restoring them to default size in easy steps.

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How to Edit Magento Titles in Theme Text Editor

Edit Titles in Theme Text EditorMagento content management system is an easy to use and customizable eCommerce CMS. Store managers can edit most of the features of the default template. And this can be done with less or no technical and coding knowledge at all. Magento by default has provided a detailed list of buttons for use. But if you wish, you can edit the button titles. Apart from editing the titles, you can play with other features of the theme. This tutorial will help you in doing so.

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