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How to secure a Magento store?

Magento, an ecommerce solution provider, has a number of built-in security features aimed at keeping you safe. These features are always updated and maintained. Despite this various cyber criminals are always on the sneak to find any weakness in the code or loophole left by the user.

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Various benefits associated with OpenERP Magento

OpenERP is featured ERP software which is implemented by many organizations as OpenERP is one of the most powerful Open source ERP Business software for Enterprise Management. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise system driven that supports the basic internal business processes of a company and is driven by an integrated suite of software modules Some of the major advantages of using & implementing OpenERP are that it allows one to have integration, customization and new module development.

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What are the various Magento templates for making a website spectacular?

Why are all merchants going for online shopping? Has ecommerce become so easy that everyone wants to have online trading? There is one and only answer to all the above questions-Magento which is an open source web solution has made all this process convenient, easy and organized and this is also the reason why so many merchants have opted for it. Within a short period of time, Magento has evolved into one of the well known leader of the industry and is also an example of successful start up project. In this article we will find out what are the various Magento templates for making a website spectacular.

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How to redirect folder to a subdomain?

Recently I had to redirect my Joomla Store website from a folder – “” in the hostgator hosting to subdomain – ““. After searching on Google  I found that the only way to redirect the site is to modify the .htaccess file present in the root folder. I tried to add the rules as mentioned in the websites but got internal server error 500 or the redirection falied most of the time.

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Conversion Tracking in Magento

When you use Google Adwords for conversion tracking in Magento, you can track the Google Adword’s ROI with no efforts. Adwords conversion tracking can be integrated in your Magento e-commerce store. You can also derive the subtotal and the grand total of the values passed in Google Adwords.

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Top 25 Magento ecommerce Plugins

Ecommerce websites can be enhanced with their functionalities with aids like Magento ecommerce. This is an open source application for ecommerce sites. The application has gained appreciation and popularity because of its flexibility.  There are many plugins this application offers. Here are the top 25 magento ecommerce plugins that are flexible and helpful in augmenting the features of the ecommerce sites and their functionalities.

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