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Category : Magento

Allow Tags in Magento Editor in Simple Steps

Allow Tags in Magento EditorMagento is a very flexible eCommerce CMS. You can play with its features with slight modifications. This article highlights a rare limitations in its functionality and steps to overcome it. Magento by default doesn’t allow HTML and embedded tags in its editor. But what if a user wants to use those? How can you allow tags in Magento editor? This blog post covers steps to allow tags in Magento editor easily.

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Pass Data Between Magento Controller and Block

Pass Data Between Magento Controller and BlockThe working mechanism of Magento Controllers and Blocks are way too different. So inorder to pass data between Magento Controller and Block, it is necessary to understand how they work together. Briefly, the Controller’s job is to carry out the task of Models and inform the system about the layout’s rendering time. While Blocks need to display HTML pages depending on the state of the system models.

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