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How to Create Custom Options in your Magento CMS

How to Create Custom Options in your Magento CMSCustomers in an online store always look for product variants. So if you are a store manager, you need to improve the shopping experience of your customers by providing variations to the available products in the store. Magento content management system allows site owners to create custom options for their shopping carts. This tutorial will help you to create your own options for your Magento run website.

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Set Region Specific Promotions in Magento Shopping Cart

Set Region Specific Promotions in MagentoMagento is a powerful content management system that allows store owners to make a number of customizations. One such customization is setting region specific promotions in Magento shopping cart. If a store owner wishes to giveaway specific price rates depending on different locality, then setting up regional promotions is the best option. This blog post will help you in setting specific promotions in Magento online store.

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How to Add Related Search Terms in Magento Stores

add-related-search-term-in-magentoMagento Content management System (CMS) has an inbuilt search mechanism using which customers can find their required items in the store easily. But at times the user doesn’t know the right query or keyword to start a search. So even if the desired product is in store, the customer is not able to find it. Under such situations adding related search terms in Magento stores is beneficial for both the site owner as well as the customer.

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How to Alter Magento Homepage in Easy Steps

alter magento homepageAs Homepage is your first page for customer to visit your web store and therefore Magento Go helps to change to select pages for customer to visit your store. Also Magento Go helps to alter Magento homepage for selecting pages when customers visit your website. You can have customer be directed to any of CMS pages that we have created rather being directed to default homepage.

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