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Category : Joomla

Add Joomla Article Title in Read More Link Dynamically

Add Joomla Article Title in Read More Link DynamicallyIn Joomla content management system, you can set a dynamic page for your website’s blog. It gets updated each time you publish a blog post. You can display excerpts of a number of blog posts in one page with a Read More link. You must be acquainted with editing the text of Read More links and styling the Read More buttons. But this blog post introduces how you can add Joomla article title in Read More links.

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Change Joomla User Registration Settings in Easy Steps

Change Joomla User Registration SettingsJoomla is a flexible content management system. Here you can set different permissions for different users. This blog post covers one such aspect. Usually all users can resister in most online websites. But this tutorial on change Joomla user registration settings allows only the webmaster to have complete control over user registration. follow the steps to change user registration settings easily.

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Insert a Module Inside Article in 3 Easy Steps

Insert a Module Inside ArticleUsually in Joomla content management system, modules are inserted in the template positions. Additional template positions can be created within the template as well. But is it possible to insert a module inside article? Yes you can easily include a module inside the content. Follow the steps to insert modules inside Joomla article.

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