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Disable cookies for Visitors in Joomla Websites

Disable Joomla cookies for VisitorsJoomla content management system sometimes stores and utilizes the session cookies. Although there are a number of valuable reasons why it must do such, yet some users may not like being tracked. So they prefer disabling the website cookies. This blog post will help you how to disable cookies for normal visitors in your Joomla website.

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Hire a PSD to Joomla Template Expert Developer

psd-to-joomla-template-developerYes, Joomla is one of the best CMS and PSD to Joomla conversion is a major service for present web development companies. But, in the last couple of years or so, a number of PSD to Joomla template conversion service providers have emerged. So it becomes that much tough for a Joomla user to choose the right service provider among the lot.

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PSD to Joomla Conversion Template Features

psd-to-joomla-template-featuresPSD to Joomla template conversion is the main expertise of most web development companies. Although there are a series of web development services offered by many web developers, yet this conversion process requires utmost attention and expertise. This blog post will help interested Joomla customers to buy an ideal Joomla template for their website. Following are the features of PSD to Joomla template conversion.

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PSD to Joomla Template Slicing

PSD to Joomla Template SlicingPSD Slicing is used to convert design templates into understandable and user friendly codes. To create a completely unique website laying out the initial design in Adobe Photoshop is important. But apart from creating the image file, slicing is also an important part of PSD to Joomla template conversion.

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Joomla Traffic Tips – Bring a Crowd to Your Website

joomla-traffic-tipsJoomla has been downloaded about 30 million times, as on March 2012. It is the second most used content management system over the Internet. So undoubtedly a large chunk of active websites are running on Joomla CMS.

Having said that, there may be cases when your competitors might be using the same CMS and reaping the equal benefits. To have an edge over the other websites, you need to deploy additional tools and think of ways to drive traffic to your Joomla website or blog.

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Make Joomla Website Temporarily Offline in Easy Steps

Make Joomla Website Temporarily Offline Joomla run websites can be temporarily shut down or made offline to visitors. On navigating to the Joomla websites, visitors will see a custom display message on the site. There are number of reasons why admins wish to make Joomla website temporarily offline. The most important reason being, for site maintenance purposes.

You too can make your Joomla websites offline to visitors for some period. This blog post will help Joomla users to make Joomla website temporarily offline.

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