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How to Make Published Joomla Articles Non Searchable

Make Published Joomla Articles Non SearchableJoomla content management system allows content writers to manage the site’s content easily. They can create, edit and even delete articles from the Article Manager section. But is it possible to make a published article non – searchable from the com_search component in Joomla? Yes, Joomla allows site managers to tamper with the search component easily and hide articles from the inbuilt search. This tutorial will let you know how you can make a published Joomla article non searchable.

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How to Send Emails from Joomla Websites in MAMP

Send Emails from Joomla Websites in MAMPIf you are using a Mac computer for your development purposes, MAMP is the suitable software bundle. The initial development of the website can be done with ease without the immediate need of a live server. But the only problem while developing Joomla websites using MAMP is it is not possible to send mails. So any functionality related to the mailing system like contact form, user registration and newsletter subscription is disabled.

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How to Edit Joomla Articles from Frontend

Edit Joomla Articles from FrontendWe all are well aware of the systematic and hierarchical user management Joomla content management offers. But is it possible to access Joomla articles from the frontend without logging into the Joomla administrator? Yes, Joomla allows specific users to edit and delete Joomla articles from the front end itself. This tutorial will help you how you can set specific users to edit articles and posts from front end.

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How to Remove Author Name, Creation & Modified Date from Joomla Articles

Remove Author Name, Creation & Modified Date from Joomla ArticlesJoomla allows users to remove certain information regarding article creation date and time, modified date and time and author name from articles. Although it is advisable to include these most of the time, yet some content writers may prefer to compose evergreen content for their Joomla websites. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to hide the information from viewers.

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How to Search & Replace Parameters in Joomla

Search and Replace Parameters in Joomla Joomla CMS allows site owners to replace parameters at a time. If you wish to edit the parameter of articles, contacts or any other content, then it can be tiresome to search and replace parameters individually. So it’s better to look for the parameters and alter them in the Joomla database. This tutorial will assist you in searching and replacing parameters in Joomla website databases.

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