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Joomla htaccess

By default  you will find a htaccess.txt file in the Joomla folder which you need to rename to .htaccess so that you can  enable Search Engine Friendly URLs. As long as the file is in htaccess.txt, it will have no effect on the Joomla site.

If you don’t

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Joomla Mootools

Are you searching for a solution to deactivate mootools in joomla ? The Mootools Control can help you do that.With this plugin, you can :

Lighten your pages with complete deactivating
Update Mootools libraries of your site.

It has four parameters :

Deactivate mootools.js
Deactivate caption.js
Change mootools.js file
Define the news

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SEF URLs in Joomla

SEF URLs in Joomla
It is very easy to activate SEF URLs in Joomla Website.The steps you need to do is :
STEP 1: Login to the Joomla Administration Panel
STEP 2: Then go to Global Configuration.
STEP 3: In the Site Tabs activate SEF( Search Engine Friendly URLs

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Reset Joomla Administrator

Reset Joomla Administrator
If you have forgotten your joomla super administrator password and cannot access the joomla admin page want to reset it.Then here is a simple solution for you.

Step 1

Go to your  mysql database. Find the table #_users .Then browse and edit the super administrator row.


Step 2

Generate a encrypted

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