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How to disable RSS feeds in WordPress?

RSS or Rich Site Summary called Really Simple Syndication for convenience is a tool that updates the user about new posts on the websites who’s RSS feed the user is subscribed to. RSS actually came into action to replace the regular, old fashioned and tedious not to forget time consuming method of getting updates of sites through newsletters via email.

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How to disable HTML tags from WordPress?

WordPress has always been, since it’s inception in 2003, an open source software and online platform that has been providing free of cost domain space to users all over the internet to create and publish their ideas, opinions, experience and suggestion regarding anything in form of  blogs that have readership of over ten million and is constantly on the rise which is a result of it’s enhanced and premier features which are under constant construction and upgradation of a core team that retrieves ideas and suggestions from the users and coders around the globe who contribute to WordPress through their intellect.

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How to add a Facebook button to your WordPress site?

Facebook with its new Graph Technology has helped the developer and its user to get the Social Media access in their website. With the coming of this technology, thousands of site has integrated the Facebook like button on their page, so to make their own user more socially available. It is estimated that millions of site will soon be linked up with this technology. Now we will see how to add a Facebook button to your WordPress site.

PROCEDURE I :  Edit up your Theme

We will discuss later on in this article, that there are already several methods to add up the social media plugin in your wordpress page through the plugin repository, and this method are also most easy methods to add up the Facebook like button in your page. But these predefined buttons will not give you as much control over them, as inserting some lines will do.

Why should we do this?

Depending on our website or blog, a person may want some social media to be displayed on their site, in any section of its site. Some plugins will help directly the users to edit them through the theme option. For some user it is directly easier to add up the like button through the theme files.

Within our single.php file, in the post loop part, we add the following line where we want the button to appear.

User can change the parameters like show_face=true/false and colorscheme=dark/light depending on their preferences. Again if you want the more detailed information about this then you can see the official Facebook documentation.

Procedure II:

This the most easy option available for the users to avail this facility. Now a time there are a lot of social media plugins available for the user for this task. It’s easy to have option, but sometime it becomes hard to find the suitable plugin for your site.

Here are a few tried and like ( be clear that, this is not the limited you can try many more )

  1. Like: This Plugin supports many languages, give many display (graphics) option and can be shown at the bottom or the top of the post, on Front page, basically any page, depending on what you choose for your setting.
  2. Facebook Like Button:  This plugin has  a good setting panel that makes it easy to see and change we want our button to appear.
  3. Facebook Like Button Plugin:  Users like this plugin as because this supports shortcode, that means we can indicate which post to include a button or not.

One plugin which I love most is the Facebook Social Plugins by Olivier Lussier. It comprises of the Standard Facebook “Like” button features similar to the other plugin, but it contains other features that also support other social media plugin and the faceebook plugin for its end user to avail it to their site, to make their site more socially active.

Android Application Security Services

Android is a Google powered operating device that has transformed the world of mobiles by providing a range of all purpose utility applications. The power of the android application development market can be a well visualized fact that the number of applications available online for free are as monstrous as a million. This article is just a trial to bring into limelight a few brilliance of the android application security services that have created huge respect for themselves.

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How to install Joomla 2.5 on XAMPP ?

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS that is being used now a days. The greater flexibility, easy to understand and availability of thousands of extensions which increase the functionality of the CMS has led to increase in acceptance of this awesome CMS by large number of web designers and developer throughout the globe.

Before uploading to a live server developers prefer to work on the local machine to make changes and modification according to their needs and requirements. To install joomla on your pc you need to download WAMP, XAMPP or MAMP. If you are using Windows pc, then we would recommend you to Download XAMPP.

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Secure your iPad by online security services

Whether you are a college student or a business man, a male or a female, an Indian, Australian, American, British, or Chinese, iPad suits the requirement of one and all shadowing the barriers of age, profession, nationality, gender etc. It has a craze for one and all human throughout the world. Other than its outstanding features, iPad is very ergonomic to use and its sleek handy design makes it easy to carry anywhere with ease. This article is about how you can secure your iPad by online security services.

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Secure your iPad – Secure your business

iPad due to its vibrant range of business apps is undoubtedly the only ruler on the heart and minds of millions of businessmen across the globe. With a capability to create reports, presentations, efficient data base management and much more, it has anchored itself in the minds of the business fraternity as the ultimate business tool. Many surveys have even acknowledged this fact by naming it as the 1st choice among businessmen.

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