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Difference Between Joomla Versions – Is Joomla Upgrade Necessary?

Difference Between Joomla Versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0

Difference between Joomla versionsJoomla CMS rolls out regular updates from time to time. For this reason we have different Joomla versions. The Joomla versions include Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0. The purpose behind these is mainly aimed at including new features and getting rid of any bugs or errors in existing versions. Some of the important difference between Joomla versions have been highlighted below.

Comparison Between Joomla versions

1. Joomla 1.5 compared to Joomla 1.6

  • More refined access control layer
  • Single click installation of upgrades
  • Greater developer friendliness
  • Easy customization of extensions

2. Joomla 1.6 compared to Joomla 1.7

  • Faster release cycles
  • Multi language improvements
  • Assign users to user groups

3. Joomla 1.7 compared to Joomla 2.5

  • 2.5 is the next long term release after 1.5
  • Increase in speed
  • Better user and admin management
  • Improved backend interface

4. Joomla 2.5 compared to Joomla 3.0

  • 3.0 is a short term Joomla release
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Twitter bootstrap integration
  • Responsive backend

These are some of the basic difference between Joomla versions. For complete list of difference between Joomla version, refer official Joomla site. To empower your Joomla websites and enjoy newer features, a Joomla Upgrade is necessary.

Joomla Tutorials for All Websites at One Place

Find Joomla tutorials for all websitesThe official site, is the best place to find Joomla tutorials. All the latest updates and extensions can be found. It has an extensive list of well documented Joomla tutorials. The Community and support covers:

  • Joomla installation
  • Installing module in template position
  • Installing component in the back end

Where can i find Joomla tutorials for my Joomla website?

Important links for Joomla tutorials

In case you want Joomla tutorials explained in details with snapshots and easy to follow guides, then regularly check this blog section as well. We frequently update this section and answer all possible queries faced in Joomla.

Infyways Solutions is a reputed web development company established in 2007. It offers quality Joomla services to its clients. We have a number of Joomla extensions to our name. Detailed documentation for installing and setting up extensions can be found here, Infyways Joomla Store.

How to Convert PSD to Joomla – Easy to Follow Guide

how-to-convert-psd-to-joomlaIt’s no surprise that PSD conversions are the latest trend in the web services market. Now you can convert your Photoshop format into any file. You can convert PSD to Joomla, Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, VirtueMart and others. A simple PSD to HTML conversion service for websites is also available. But what is the reason for such conversions? Will you prefer to convert PSD to Joomla, when needed?

Need to Convert PSD to Joomla

In this post, we have covered one such PSD conversions. We have listed a few reasons for the need to convert PSD to Joomla template. And how you can be benefited from such conversion.

  1. First things first. Now you can convert PSD to Joomla easily. Pixel perfect conversions can be achieved using simple and easy to use slicing tools. This easy conversion of PSD to Joomla makes it a very profitable for Joomla service providers.
  2. Joomla content management is counted among the best CMS available presently. It has a stable core and an active community online. Its regular updates and easy availability of extensions, themes and code snippets, makes it the preferred CMS among users.
  3. A number of websites are successfully running on Joomla. So this compensates for the many Joomla service providers available. There is no shortage for potent clients and relatively less competition.
  4. Adobe Photoshop can help you design a creative layout of your website. But for building a fully functional website, you need to convert your PSD file to Joomla. Plus, another reason for PSD to Joomla conversion is, Photoshop files are very bulky and cannot be uploaded as such in web browsers.

How to Convert PSD to Joomla – Work Process

Converting your PSD file is a hassle free task. If you have the design of your Joomla website, then all you have to do is request a quote and send the raw file. Some service providers, including Infyways Solutions offers Joomla design from scratch as well. Interested to convert PSD to Joomla? Request a quote today.

SEO for Joomla Websites


We had already discussed about why we need SEO for Joomla websites. In the same post we had also talked about the need of Joomla SEO services. But, in case you missed out, let’s remind you briefly, Joomla doesn’t gel well with SEO. So, for search engine optimization, we have to exclusively empower Joomla run websites.

But the question is how. Ofcourse, Infyways Solutions is there to help you in SEO for Joomla websites. In this post, we would be providing some handy tips on SEO for Joomla websites.

SEO for Joomla Websites – Tips and Tricks

  • Enable SEF URL and URL rewriting – You can enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL and URL rewriting from the Global Configuration settings.
  • Exclude /images/ from robots.txt file – In the robots.txt file generated at the time of Joomla installation, does not index the image folder in the directory. It is advisable to exclude it from the robots.txt file. As a considerable amount of traffic comes from image search also.
  • Use Alt tags & image optimization – Image optimization is a must, both from SEO point of view as well as page loading. It’s the best SEO for Joomla websites having large multimedia in it.
  • Manage Meta data efficiently – Although Meta keywords are of lesser significance these days. But SEO for Joomla websites can be improved considerably, by using Meta description and Meta tags.
  • Create internal links to old posts – Linking back to old posts is an important technique to improve page rank and boost traffic to the Joomla website. Google views highly to websites having a strong and relevant backlink structure.
  • Decrease load speed of Joomla websites – Get rid of unused modules in the website and optimize the codes to improve page loading speed. It can also be decreased considerably, by enabling Gzip.

So, these are some of the easy to follow SEO for Joomla websites. Incase there is any difficulty in implementing it, then you can request a quote any time. Our Joomla SEO team will assist you in every matter.

OpenCart vs Magento- Best eComerce CMS Comparision

opencart-vs-magentoWith a number of eCommerce CMS, it is difficult to choose a better one among the lot. Each of them offers unique features. So selecting the best content management system among the lot isn’t easy. This post deals with two such CMS, OpenCart vs Magento.

OpenCart vs Magento

  • Admin Control: Although OpenCart’s admin panel seems to be simple as compared to Magento’s, yet, it has limited features. Initially, Magento admin panel may appear to be overwhelming with all its features, but it helps while creating a fully functional shopping portal.
  • Advanced Features: OpenCart lacks advanced features like self-hosting, embedding widgets, multi-site setup etc. But Magento offers all these features. It even has its own self-hosting service called Magento Go. It can be used to create your own stores. All advanced Magento features are documented in details.
  • Themes: In OpenCart vs Magento comparison, themes availability is worth mentioning. Magento has a larger online community that offers a wide range of associated products, including themes. Apart from the Magento developer’s tools, it has a good support community too, to provide assistance in solving all Magento related topics. OpenCart still has to catch up with Magento, in this aspect.
  • SEO Tools: Magento is equipped with stronger search engine optimized tools. Individual product pages and sub pages can be optimized incase of OpenCart, but the process is not as smooth as in case of Magento. Magento offers inbuilt SEO tools for Meta description, Meta tags and keywords etc.
  • Check-Out: The check-out process in OpenCart depends on JavaScript. Because, of its heavy dependence, it loses out as compared to Magento. So, as far as OpenCart vs Magento check-out is concerned, Magento is the preferred choice.

From a web developer’s perspective OpenCart is easy to use. But if you are looking for a complete shopping portal for your online business, then among OpenCart vs Magento, Magento is a clear winner.

Upgrade Joomla Website from 1.5 to Newest Version

Upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version

With Joomla rolling out a new version every six months, we now have Joomla websites running on two to three versions. Currently, most of the Joomla websites are running on 2.5 version. Last September, Joomla launched the 3.0 version, its short term release, with Joomla 3.5 slated to be released in 2013. But, if your website is still using Joomla 1.5 version then you should look for a Joomla upgrade immediately. Is your website using a lower Joomla version? Want to upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version?


Why upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version?

Some webmasters question the need for such an upgrade. Why do they have to upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version? Is it just hype or a rumor spread by Joomla upgrade service providers? Should they opt for such an upgrade? Reasons why you should upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version:

  • Security Reasons: With every new version, Joomla improves its security features. So each time you upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 to newest version, you get to enjoy safer and more advanced admin features. Get protected from Joomla bugs and errors.
  • Improved Features: Apart from superior admin features, new Joomla versions are equipped with better front features. Newest versions help create beautiful and functional Joomla websites. Empower your Joomla website with responsive template design.
  • Inbuilt SEO: Newer Joomla versions have clear codes. Constant Joomla tweaks ensure search engine optimized codes. It helps better ranking of Joomla run websites in search engines. The dependence on off-site SEO techniques is greatly reduced.

Upgrade Joomla website Services

  • 1.5 to 2.5 Joomla Upgrade
  • 1.7 to 2.5 Joomla Upgrade
  • 2.5 to 3.0 Joomla Upgrade
  • Joomla Installation Services

So if your website still runs on Joomla 1.5 version, then it’s high time to upgrade Joomla website from 1.5 version to newest version. Request a quote today.

Joomla Lightbox Plugin Release – New Features List

We are back with our all new Joomla LightBox Plugin. After the successful development and marketing of our Joomla Responsive Slideshow, Infyways has taken a step further. With the Joomla LightBox Plugin enabled, the experience of viewing quality images has never been so better.


The artistic slider layout of the new launched Joomla LightBox Plugin is something to look out for. Smooth transitions, customizable slider dimensions and multi colored slider features gels well with any illustrious Joomla website. Apart from that, Joomla LightBox Plugin promises to simplify settings by simple On/Off features and easy-to-follow documentation.

Hopefully with the timely release of Joomla LightBox Plugin before Christmas, we expect to deliver quality extensions to our clients. Try the demo below and if you like it, request a quote before 2013, and avail the festive offer.

Unique Features of Joomla LightBox Plugin

  • Play With Images – Option to fetch images individually or from a folder, sort them in ascending or descending order, resize large image and thumbnails using the resize tools.
  • Add Personal Touch – Customizable title settings for the slideshow. Option to hide/show captions and install user-defined fonts. Also supports 25 inbuilt Google fonts.
  • Better Aesthetic Look – Joomla LightBox Plugin has features like setting custom slider dimensions, easing effect of images, dock positioning, which makes it a superior slideshow gallery plugin.

Joomla LightBox Plugin – Syntax

Another specialty of this slideshow gallery plugin is its short and convenient syntax. The plugin can be easily embedded anywhere in the website, using the following syntax:

  • Syntax – {lgallery} image folder path {end-lgallery}
  • E.g. – Your text {Igallery} images/demo_folder {end-Igallery}

Joomla LightBox Plugin – Add to Cart

Joomla LightBox Plugin costs you $35. With all these features, it is the most economical market price available. Plus, you enjoy multiple domain usage and free installations along with that. So, this Christmas, how have you planned to give your website a makeover that it wants?

Joomla Responsive Camera Slideshow Features


We are happy to announce our new Joomla Responsive Camera Slideshow today. Joomla responsive camera slideshow is a jQuery slideshow, first of its kind, which enhances the experience of viewing images. What this launch does is it not only justifies our pioneering spirit when it comes to developing Joomla extensions, but also takes us to the exclusive club of Joomla 3.0 extension developers. And it means a lot to us and our supportive clients.

What makes Joomla Responsive Camera Slideshow Unique?

On the Go– When we said the new Camera Slideshow was responsive, we meant it. Compatible with all mobile devices, you can enjoy the unique features of it, from wherever you access you Joomla website. The new Camera Slideshow version is compatible with desktops, wide screened desktops, laptops, mobile phones and computer tablets.

Joomla 3.0 Compatible– Yes, the all new Joomla responsive Camera Slideshow is compatible with Joomla 3.0. And incase you missed out on some Joomla news, let us remind you that the new Joomla version, Joomla 3.0.0 that rolled out, few days back, on September 27th is mobile responsive. That makes our new extension very special. Apart from that, it is also compatible with Joomla 2.5 version. And for the time being, we are offering this extension to our old loyal clients, who still have Joomla 1.5 installed.

Joomla Responsive Camera Slideshow Service Features

  • Free support and maintenance, for single domain
  • 24 x 7 Support services
  • Free installation, on request

Other Joomla Responsive Camera Slideshow Features

  • A number of slideshow transitions to choose from. With the pre-installed thirty (30) creative transitions, we hope you won’t need a different one.
  • Thirty-two (32) skins and Thirty-Four (34) easing effects, makes viewing images on the responsive slideshow a delight.
  • Twenty-Five (25) rich Google web fonts add value to the slideshow.
  • Compatible with all major web browsers that are available- Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

For more detailed features and admin panel snapshots, visit our stores. And if you think Joomla responsive Camera Slideshow is indeed awesome then please don’t forget to write a review and rate us after using it.


Benefits of using Joomla CMS for websites

Benefits of using Joomla

benefits-of-using-joomlaJoomla is an open source content management system where the contents can be managed by the administrator. It is easy to add, edit, modify or update the contents using Joomla. Apart from that, there are a number of benefits of using Joomla. It does not charge a licensing fee and it can be used free of cost. HTML websites are static websites where it is difficult to manage the contents. So converting your HTML website to Joomla would be very useful since Joomla is very user friendly and so it would be convenient for a novice in the field of web design and development and here no adequate programming language is required.

Benefits of using Joomla CMS

Joomla! The best content management system

Joomla has proved to be the best content management system and hence it is the most sought after tools for website management. By using Joomla, multiple users can be administered with different levels of permission as a result of which the marketing assistants cannot claim to change anything by mistake. Other benefits of using Joomla are, it allows users to descend their contents and leave everything else to be done automatically. Furthermore, it helps in building the website hierarchically. Moreover, the customer can have complete control over the modules, contents and menus once it is fully constructed. So it is favorable to convert HTML website to Joomla.

Joomla Components, Modules and Templates

Joomla offers a varied range of components (add-on) and modules to fulfill the needs of the customers. These can be obtained by simply downloading for free or by purchasing a license. The templates give you the confidence for designing your own website without depending on a web designer. All these features render your website with a brand new and alluring look. Also, they can be easily installed and integrated with your CMS.

Joomla eCommerce

There are a large number of ecommerce solutions for Joomla to help you sell your product online. For instance, Virtuemart is a very useful ecommerce solution which provides established constituents for a wide range of functions such as payment gateways, management of products, etc.

Merging Joomla with WordPress

By integrating Joomla with WordPress, a WordPress blog can be conveniently operated from within Joomla and it becomes easier to control the entire thing by the help of the same administrative login.

Hence, Joomla is a very beneficial tool to make your work easier. So converting your HTML website to Joomla can prove to be profitable for you, thereby helping you in a great way to leverage your business on a large scale. With a complete Joomla run website, you can enjoy all the benefits of using Joomla.

Choose the right CMS for your website easily

choose-the-right-cms-for-your-websiteA CMS not only allows easy publishing, creating and editing content, but also help in maintaining the website. With a number of CMS available these days over the Internet, it’s really difficult to choose the one that is most appropriate. Here are some of the important features that must be considered to choose the right CMS for your website:

Steps to choose the right CMS for websites

CMS Core Functionality

The primary job to choose the right CMS for your website is to create, delete, edit and organize pages. But unfortunately, even this functionality is overlooked by some CMS, and even if some of them do provide it, they are presented in a mystifying way where some of its basic features are limited. For new users the experience is even more frustrating.

User Management and Admin Management

With more number of content writers, it’s wise to assign different permissions and give them control over who can control what and whose. A CMS that supports multiple user roles, is to be preferred because once the website gets established, it would be very difficult to manage all on your own.

Multi-website Support

With the advent of gadgets like smartphones and tablets, there has been considerable increase in Internet users accessing through these devices. Having a separate website specifically optimised for mobile devices comes handy, to have a hold over these populations. Initially, it may not appear relevant, but having this feature is always an added advantage.

Clean Interface

A clean user interface is a perquisite for every content management system. The front-end must not be clumsy with too many buttons in it. Irrelevant and less commonly used buttons may be omitted. Customizable front-end creates a positive impression in the minds of users, and would go a long way in contributing towards the success of the CMS as a whole.

Other features to choose the right CMS for your website

Content management systems come up with a number of features. But among the lot, multi lingual support, relaxed versioning facility, accurate search functionality, and proper tools to edit posts, pages and contents is a must. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is a must.

Consider all these above features before investing on a CMS and choose the right CMS for your website. Apart from that a thorough research on numerous content management systems must also be done, and blindly preferring the popular CMS like WordPress, Dupral, Joomla or Magento may limit the prospects of your website in future. So, choose the right CMS for your website today.