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How can Magento be installed on Cloud sites?

The basic requirement to Install Magento on a web server is basically less advanced than WordPress. As we basically want to Install Magento, we need to check certain things for a server depending on the load. It is better to use a Cloud Server or a Traditional VPS to Install Magento. Read through to know how can Magento be installed on Cloud sites.

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How to enable multiple Magento webstore login?

Multiple Stores functionality allows you to power number of stores or websites within a single Magento installation. It is useful if you are going to sell products on different domains sharing the same admin panel and to track your sales and customers without having to login to the admin area of each website. There a number of different ways to enable the Multi-Store Functionality. Here is how to enable multiple Magento webstore login.

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How to find the best Magento extension?

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide. More than 200,000 businesses choose Magento according to Magento Commerce. All these enterprises have their own needs and characteristics. So, it is clear that Magento installation is hardly able to handle all the requirements which different Magento owners require to run their business successfully.

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How to create a payment gateway in Magento?

Each payment method can be done as separate module or few methods can be combined in same module if they could be used together or share functionality. It is another complex job for people who are trying to figure out how they can connect their own countries’ bank payment gateways to their Magento installations. Here is how to create a payment gateway in Magento.

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