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Android Application Security Services

Android is a Google powered operating device that has transformed the world of mobiles by providing a range of all purpose utility applications. The power of the android application development market can be a well visualized fact that the number of applications available online for free are as monstrous as a million. This article is just a trial to bring into limelight a few brilliance of the android application security services that have created huge respect for themselves.

Android Application Development provides much effective and powerful services like

  • GPS system by which Google maps have regenerated a virtual world to guide you through unknown arenas even better than a local guide
  • Office DBMS software which has been awarded as the most user-friendly data storage, synchronization and file sharing software
  • Astrid, the planning software can keep you on your schedule by designing a high and effective planning timetable and a set of other useful accessory software
  • For all the star lovers and astrology geeks it has apps like Google sky maps and Astro-files manager

Though Android provides the highest quality environment for application development, there is a chance of threats into applications developed for this platform and has a direct impact on its security. So, if you are using the Android mobile operating system to handle the sensitive information of both organization and customers, you may come across a great trouble.

So to avoid these problems, you can go for Android Application Penetration Test Service available in some websites and you will be honoured of the following gifts.

  • Improvement of the security level of applications developed in this platform
  • Detection of potential vulnerabilities which could have generated risk to the company

The methods involved in this service are as follows:

  • Analysis of file permissions, processes and databases
  • Analysis of system calls, HTTP Requests and web services used
  • Analysis of logic operations specific to the application
  • Thus detect the possible security breaches which would be reported with strategic recommendations that seek to mitigate them
  • Analysis of source codes which are used for support for application tests

During this Android Application Penetration Test, some common vulnerabilities are identified like:

  •   Web Application Vulnerabilities
  •   Information Disclosure
  •   Insecure File Permissions
  •   Insecure password storage
  •   Manifest privileges
  •   Resource exhaustion

This and much more is a gift from various hardworking and talented android application developers who have transferred life of millions to a new and better path.

The beauty and efficiency of the apps and security services developed by the intelligence of many application developers is not what can be described by putting pen to paper, rather it can only be experienced. As aptly said “some things can only be experienced and not described”, so step forward and feel the power of grabbing and controlling your world through the power of Android applications and its security services.

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