Add New Custom Translation in Magento Store

With eCommerce websites serving customers worldwide, it becomes important to connect with the audiences. To bring about the personal touch to the Magento run websites, region-specific customizations is a must, to boost products sale. For this purpose, adding a new custom translation in Magento keeps stores at an advantage. This tutorial will help you add new custom translation in your Magento store in easy steps.

Steps to Add New Custom Translation in Magento Shopping Cart

  • Log in to the Magento backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, select System > Translations
  • From the list of language translation files, carry out the following steps:
  1. Click to select the language file, you wish to use
  2. In the Action column, click View
  • In the Download section, to include Theme Editor Translations, check the Include Theme Editor Translations checkbox
  • Click Download to download the CSV (comma separated values) language translation file in Zip format
  • Unzip the downloaded zip file and edit it
  • In order to edit the file, carry out the following steps:
  1. Open any file in any of your preferred spreadsheet programs. The 1st column contains the base word while the second column consists of the translated word. Translate any of the base language words to your preferred translated language.
  2. Repeat the above steps for as many other files as necessary
  • After completing the translation, save the CSV file. Then Zip them to a single file to upload.
  • Return to the Custom Translations page and click Add New button in the topmost right corner
  • On the New Translate page, in the Generals section, carry out the following steps:
  1. Translation Name: Enter a name for your custom translation
  2. Base Locale: The Base Locale drop-down list defaults to the current setting for your store.
  3. Browse: In the Upload section, click Browse and select the custom translation zip file to upload.
  4. Check/ Save Data: Click the Check/ Save Data to upload the file

If you are unable to add custom translation in your Magento run shopping cart site, then Request a Quote. Our Magento team will assist you in creating region-specific customizations and promotions.