Add Magento Product Images in Online Store

Magento has a specific Image tab for adding and managing images in the shopping cart. Its unique and advanced features make multiple images upload easy. Now you can use images of high resolution in a consistent way. You don’t have to worry about the size and proportion of individual product image any more. This tutorial on how to add Magento product images in store includes all the detailed steps to add and manage multiple product images for your catalog.

How to Add Magento Product Images in Store

  • Set ‘Choose Store View’ to add Magento product images for specific store view
  • Click ‘Images’ in the product information panel on left
  • Click ‘Browse Files’ button to add Magento product images
  • Hit the ‘Upload Files’ button after selecting the images
  • Carry out the following steps for each uploaded image
  1. Enter a descriptive ‘Label’ for the image
  2. Enter a numeric value in ‘Sort Oder’ field to sort multiple images
  3. Click ‘Exclude’ checklist to prevent image from being listed in the thumbnail gallery
  4. Select ‘Remove’ checkbox to delete an image from the list
  • Hit ‘Save and Continue Edit’ button to save the changes made

Follow the above steps to add Magento product images. Although there are a number of ways to add Magento product images in the catalog, this is the most recommended and easy method.