Add Links in Magento Footer in Easy Steps

Adding links to the footer page in Magento has a number of advantages. You can showcase the most important pages in the Footer. It is also helpful for including the extra pages which are of less importance but form an essential part of every website, such as Sitemaps, Go to Top, Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages etc.

But to add links in Magento footer, there are many methods to do so. Here we will be discussing the best and most recommended way to add links in Magento footer.

How to Add Links in Magento Footer

Follow the steps below to add links in Magento footer easily.

  • Log in to your Magento backend
  • Select CMS > Static Blocks
  • Choose the ‘Footer Links’ block from the list
  • Using the Editor, enter Name of the link to be added
  • Click the ‘Insert Link’ button of the Editor after highlighting your entry

Carry out the following steps:

  1. Enter URL in the ‘Link URL’ field
  2. Set ‘Target’ field to choose whether to open in current or in new window
  3. Mention ‘Title’ field when the cursor hovers over the link
  • Enter a Name for your new link
  • Click ‘Save Block’ to save the changes made

This is an easy method to add links in Magento footer. But if you are unable to successfully include links in the footer section, then request a quote. Our Magento team will help you to add links in your store’s footer.