Add js to Joomla Template in Simple Steps

Joomla allows adding js to specific pages. You can add js to Joomla template using the following guide.

How to Add js to Joomla Template

There are two ways to add js to Joomla templates. Depending on the position where you want to add it follow the steps given below:

Add js File in Component Position

If you want to add it in the main content area or the component position, then you need an extension. Use an extension that allows you to place the javascript inside a regular Joomla article. You can add any code you want in the article and link it with a regular menu item.

Add js File in Module Position

You can add the js file in a module position using a custom HTML module. If you turn off the WYSIWYG editor, you can easily place the javascript inside the content area of the module itself.

The reason why the editor needs to be switched off is that the editor will evaluate the code and rectify it. So there are chances of losing data present initially in that position. You can limit where the module is displayed under the menu assignment selection.

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