Add Custom Magento Favicon in Online Stores

Magento content management systems allow favicons for individual stores. You can now customize your shopping cart by adding a favicon easily. This blog post will cover how to add custom Magento favicon for your online store.

If you are unaware of what favicons are, then here is a brief definition of it. Favicons are image files with .ico extensions which are seen at the left most corner of the address bar. The dimensions of these files are either 16×16 px or 32×32 px.

Add Custom Magento Favicon

Use one of the favicon generators available to create and add custom Magento favicon for your store. You can either create a 16×16 or 32×32 graphic image. You can design the favicon in any photo editing software but to add custom Magento favicon a .ico format file is required. For this purpose, you need an icon generator. Upload the .ico file before adding the custom favicon for your shopping cart.

Configure Favicon in Magento Store

  • Log in to the Admin Panel using proper credentials
  • Select System > Configuration
  • Select the ‘Design’ tab in the left column
  • Expand ‘HTML Head Bar’ by clicking on it
  • In ‘Favicon Icon’ field, click the ‘Browse’ button
  • Locate the file and add custom Magento favicon
  • Click the ‘Save Config’ button to save the changes made

After adding the favicon, you can test it in your web browser. Enter the address of your Magento store in the browser’s address bar and hit enter. On successful addition, you will notice the image in the address bar.

If you are unsuccessful in adding the favicon then refresh the page once again. If the problem persists follow the steps once again or Request a quote.