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Add Alexa Verification Code in WordPress Websites – Howto ranks different websites and provides various traffic-related insights. You can add the Alexa tracking code and verify your WordPress website as well. This blog post will help you to add Alexa verification codes in WordPress websites and blog. To Add Alexa Verification Code in WordPress Websites, follow the easy steps to add Alexa verification code in WordPress enabled websites and blogs:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Claim your site” link
  • Enter your blog URL and click the “Claim your site” button.
  • You will be presented with two verification methods. Use the second one.
  • Copy the meta tag shown in option 2, which looks something like below tag
< meta name="alexaVerifyID" content="abcdhtyuingthngyjhhgygyhgggihoy"/>
  • Leave the verification page open.
  • Now open your website main page and add Alexa tag in Head section.
  • Now come back to Alexa and click on verify.

Add Alexa Verification Code in WordPress Head?

There are a number of ways to add Alexa verification code in WordPress websites.

  1. In Theme Options
  2. Using Plugins
  3. Using Editor

One of the easiest ways to add Alexa verification code in WordPress is by simply inserting the Alexa code in the header or footer section. Some WordPress themes have code snippet fields to insert additional codes without the need to edit it in the theme files.

WordPress users can also make use of plugins to insert Alexa verification codes. Some popular and recommended WordPress plugins for inserting Alexa codes are:

  1. Alexa Claim & Certify
  2. All in One SEO
  3. Yoast SEO Plugin

But some users may prefer to add Alexa verification code in WordPress theme editor only. There are 2 reasons to prefer this method:

  1. To use fewer plugins and make WordPress site faster
  2. WordPress theme doesn’t have code snippets field in theme options

How to Add Alexa Verification Code Manually?

So if you too wish to add Alexa verification codes in WordPress heads manually, then use the following method:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. In the left side, go to Appearance > Editor
  3. Open the functions.php file of your WordPress theme
  4. Add the Alexa code anywhere before the ending of the head tag, </head>
  5. Click ‘Save File’ button to update the changes made

On successfully adding the Alexa verification code, you can verify it from the Alexa site itself as mentioned above, or you can open your website’s source code to view it.

Verification and Confirmation

  1. Go to your home page, say
  2. Click Ctrl + U or its equivalent in your web browser to view the source code
  3. Click Ctrl + F and type Alexa
  4. On searching, you will find the required code you just added.

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