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Monthly Archives : November 2013

10 reasons to choose Joomla CMS

Choosing a content management system can be very difficult and tricky. Without a clearly defined set of requirements, one can be easily seduced by the fancy functionalities. There are a lot of factors to be considered while setting up a new website like domain name and design, but the most important of all is choosing the right platform.

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How to secure Magento file and directory permissions?

Most software packages are installed with the most lenient file/directory ownership and permissions by default. This is normally done for the sake of the software developer as they want that their software must be installed on a range of diverse systems with varying configurations. This article gives an overview of how to setup Magento installation with the strictest of permissions for overall security’s sake. So read through to know how to secure Magento file and directory permissions.

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Importance of Mcommerce in Ecommerce

The mobile communication industry is growing at a rapid rate and mobile commerce is continuing to evolve. The online retailers must adapt to these if they don’t want to lose out on potential customers. In order to be part of the mobile commerce growth story and succeed in the marketplace, m-commerce solutions need to take advantage of the qualities that make them different from traditional Web-based e-commerce solutions.

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How to set up a Magento Store?

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Developers prefer it because it’s an open source which means that they can customize it to their heart’s content. Big businesses prefer it because it’s powerful, and they’ve got enough to pay the $50,000+ annual fees for the Premium Enterprise subscription.

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How to set up a Blog in Magento?

It is not difficult to set up a blog in Magento but this functionality is not included by default and you will have to use a custom extension to add it. Magento Connect can be searched for an extension that will fully suit your needs. One of the most popular free extensions that one can use is the Edition. All Magento extensions are installed in a similar way.

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