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Monthly Archives : August 2013

Content Management Software and SEO

Business leads to communication and connection with different kind of people. Earlier business used to be in B2B (Business-to-business) format, but now it has changed its form to B2C (Business-to-customer). B2B is indirect communication between business (The owner) and the consumer but emergence of internet has given it a new identity and existence. B2B form of communication started direct communication with their consumers, which we call B2C form. Here is all about content management software and SEO.

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All that you wanted to know about Meta Tags

SEO is in boom, so is html. To understand the formula of SEO one needs to understand the basics of html. The hundreds of web pages you go through daily on internet are written in html (hyper text markup language). These html documents include <head> element which contains <title> tag as mandatory component. Similarly Meta tags are basically tags written inside <head> element, comes under optional category. If not you, search engine will write description about your web-page in its own version, but it’s not preferable as it takes any random garbage data to describe your page.  Here is all that you wanted to know about Meta Tags.

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