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Monthly Archives : July 2013

How to Rank a website for sales and performance?

Categorizing an internet site by considering its sales and performance may prove to be simple if you follow the correct steps. The fact is there aren’t any shortcuts, no simple resolution, if you actually wish to succeed. Like any established enterprise, the correct method to succeed and optimize and position a web site needs designing as the most important trait and planning that is projected step by step. Here is how to rank a website for sales and performance.

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How to Split a Long Article into Multiple Linked Pages?

Breaking up a lengthy article into smaller divisions is a very effective method for demonstrating content. For this purpose, Joomla has been found to be an efficient platform. By using Joomla, articles that are connected through the previous and next page navigation can be divided into multiple pages. Along with it, a table of contents area that is shown as a portion of the article can also be divided effectively. Here is a guide on how to split a long article into multiple linked pages.

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Top 25 Magento ecommerce Plugins

Ecommerce websites can be enhanced with their functionalities with aids like Magento ecommerce. This is an open source application for ecommerce sites. The application has gained appreciation and popularity because of its flexibility.  There are many plugins this application offers. Here are the top 25 magento ecommerce plugins that are flexible and helpful in augmenting the features of the ecommerce sites and their functionalities.

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