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Monthly Archives : February 2013

Magento Custom Options Creation for Shopping Carts

Magento Custom Options CreationMagento allows a number of customizations which makes creating, developing and maintaining online stores very easy. Apart from the varied range of user friendly options it offers, store managers can also create Magento custom options. This blog post on how to create Magento custom options will help you add some custom made options in your Magento run stores.

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WordPress Upgrade to Latest Versions & its Need

WordPress-upgradeWordPress is the most frequently updated CMS, which is why it is considered as the best content management system. The WordPress developer’s team rolls out a WordPress upgrade every 1-2 months. So users need to upgrade WordPress versions of their blogs and websites. Do you have a WordPress run blog or website? What WordPress version are you using? And when was it last updated?

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Disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento Shopping Carts

Disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento‘Start My Store’ feature in Magento take you through each and every process in Magento CMS. But if you wish you can disable this feature from showing up. Magento content management system allows easy options to disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento shopping carts. You can enable and disable this wizard without the help of codes. This blog post will help you how to disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento run stores.

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Make Joomla Website Temporarily Offline in Easy Steps

Make Joomla Website Temporarily Offline Joomla run websites can be temporarily shut down or made offline to visitors. On navigating to the Joomla websites, visitors will see a custom display message on the site. There are number of reasons why admins wish to make Joomla website temporarily offline. The most important reason being, for site maintenance purposes.

You too can make your Joomla websites offline to visitors for some period. This blog post will help Joomla users to make Joomla website temporarily offline.

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Create Custom Admin Page in OpenCart Stores

Create Custom Admin Page in OpenCartOpenCart is a free open source content management system. It can be used to develop and maintain an eCommerce website for online stores. Its unique features let store managers to create a uniquely designed shopping cart for their business.

One such customization which you can implement on your website is the provision to create custom admin page in OpenCart. Using it you can change the look and feel of the backend of the store as well. This blog post will help you create custom admin page in OpenCart run websites.

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Configure Magento Admin Users – Add Admin User & Create Admin Roles

How to Configure Magento Admin Users

Configure Magento Admin UsersManaging a large online store can be a tough job for single store managers. So for smooth running of the shopping cart, a proper user management system must exist. There must be scope for collaborating work for systematic division of the work load.

Magento being an advanced eCommerce CMS offers this feature. Using it, online businesses can develop fully functional and easy to manage stores. This is possible because store managers can configure Magento admin users. They can assign different roles to different users. And from security point of view, a strict user management is the safest bet.

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