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Monthly Archives : February 2013

How to Alter Magento Homepage in Easy Steps

alter magento homepageAs Homepage is your first page for customer to visit your web store and therefore Magento Go helps to change to select pages for customer to visit your store. Also Magento Go helps to alter Magento homepage for selecting pages when customers visit your website. You can have customer be directed to any of CMS pages that we have created rather being directed to default homepage.

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Translate Magento Content into Multiple Languages

Translate Magento Magento content management system allows easy translation of web pages. It supports a number of International languages. So store owners can translate Magento store pages at will. Infact Magento allows three separate views for a single store. It means you can display the contents of your shopping cart in three different languages. Depending on the customer’s preference he/she will choose any one of the set languages.

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Add Favicon in WordPress Websites and Blogs

Add Favicon in WordPress Favicon is a small image file which is seen along with the title in web browsers. Basically, these are small square sized images of 16 x 16 dimensions. They can be of any format, .jpg or .gif or .png. But preferably .ico is the best format you should choose to add favicon in WordPress sites. It is because; no compatibility issue arises with any of the modern web browsers. Plus you don’t have to upload multiple favicon files of different dimensions if you choose .ico format.

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Delete Multiple Customers in Magento Stores

Delete Multiple Customers in MagentoMagento eCommerce CMS can be used to develop, design and maintain large sized online stores effortlessly. Its unique features make it the first choice among store managers.

Managing multiple customers can be a tough job for store managers. But Magento offers options that are both user friendly and effective. You can delete multiple customers in Magento shopping carts at one go. This tutorial will help you in deleting multiple Magento customers from your store.

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Change Default WordPress Login Screen Logo

Change Default WordPress Login Screen LogoWordPress content management system allows a number of features for easy customizations. Here in this blog post we will be dealing with one such customization- how to change default WordPress login screen logo.

Usually whenever you log in to the backend of your blog or any other WordPress run site, you will notice the default WordPress logo. To give a different look to your blog, you can edit the login screen. This tutorial will help you to change default WordPress login screen logo in easy steps.

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Create Custom WordPress Avatar in Easy Steps

Create Custom WordPress AvatarAvatars are basically the images or logos displayed when someone lives a comment on your blog post. But if a person mistypes his or her email address or does not have an avatar, then the default WordPress avatar is shown alongside the comment.

WordPress allows site owners to create custom WordPress avatars for users. The custom image will be shown when no avatar is associated with the mail id. Otherwise the Gravatar set by the user will be displayed.

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