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Monthly Archives : January 2013

Pass Data Between Magento Controller and Block

Pass Data Between Magento Controller and BlockThe working mechanism of Magento Controllers and Blocks are way too different. So inorder to pass data between Magento Controller and Block, it is necessary to understand how they work together. Briefly, the Controller’s job is to carry out the task of Models and inform the system about the layout’s rendering time. While Blocks need to display HTML pages depending on the state of the system models.

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Improve Magento Load Speed – Easy to Follow Steps

Improve Magento Load SpeedMagento is a powerful eCommerce CMS with advanced features. Large shopping portals can be managed using its advanced features. But with more functionality comes greater loading time. So the main priority is to develop a multi-functional online store and improve Magento load speed. It is because both customers and search engine bots love fast loading web pages.

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Add Joomla Article Title in Read More Link Dynamically

Add Joomla Article Title in Read More Link DynamicallyIn Joomla content management system, you can set a dynamic page for your website’s blog. It gets updated each time you publish a blog post. You can display excerpts of a number of blog posts in one page with a Read More link. You must be acquainted with editing the text of Read More links and styling the Read More buttons. But this blog post introduces how you can add Joomla article title in Read More links.

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Change Joomla User Registration Settings in Easy Steps

Change Joomla User Registration SettingsJoomla is a flexible content management system. Here you can set different permissions for different users. This blog post covers one such aspect. Usually all users can resister in most online websites. But this tutorial on change Joomla user registration settings allows only the webmaster to have complete control over user registration. follow the steps to change user registration settings easily.

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