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Monthly Archives : January 2013

Disable Demo Store Notice in Magento Shopping Cart

Disable Demo Store NoticeDemo websites are best to check the functioning of websites. It’s because you don’t want customers to return back from the store dissatisfied. Chances are they might not visit the store again. So you can display a demo store notice to test the store’s working. But what once your online store goes live? Now you need to disable demo store notice in your shopping cart. The point is how to do it.

In Magento content management system you can disable demo store notice once your Magento store goes live. Otherwise it would be confusing for all those customers who visit the store. This post will cover how to disable demo store notice from Magento websites.

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Add Custom Magento Favicon in Online Stores

Add Custom Magento FaviconMagento content management systems allow favicons for individual stores. You can now customize your shopping cart by adding a favicon easily. This blog post will cover how to add custom Magento favicon for your online store.

If you are unaware of what favicons are, then here is a brief definition of it. Favicons are basically image files with .ico extensions which are seen at the left most corner of the address bar. The dimensions of these files are either 16×16 px or 32×32 px.

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Create New Product Attribute in Magento Stores

Create New Product AttributeEach product has some different characteristics which can differentiate it from other similar products in the store. So a store manager has to create new product attribute in Magento run shopping carts. This helps customers to compare related products based on these unique attributes.

Even store managers can benefit from creating new attributes for products in the online store. Managing and sorting the products becomes easier with proper defining of the attributes. So you too should create new product attribute for your Magento store.

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Delete Tax Rates in Magento Shopping Carts – 2 Best Methods

Delete Tax Rates in Magento Shopping CartsMagento is a very able content management system for developing and maintaining a eCommerce website. Money transactions can be carried out with ease, using it. In our earlier posts we had covered a number of topics on how store managers can handle orders and cash effectively, for smooth commerce.

This post will deal with changes in the tax rates imposed on different products with time. It will cover how you can delete tax rates in Magento. But before that, you must note that there are two ways to delete tax rates in Magento run shopping carts.

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Programmatically Add Product to Cart with Price Change in Magento

programmatically Add Product to Cart with Price ChangeMagento Content management System is an easy to use and flexible eCommerce CMS. You can customize the settings for your online store in simple steps. This blog post will cover one such customization for Magento store managers – how to programmatically Add Product to Cart with Price Change.

But before we begin with the tutorial let us first know why some store managers need to do this. Let for instance, the price of a product is $10, but he/she wants to change it to $9. So, how to change it programmatically without giving discounts or changing it manually?

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Managing Currencies in Magento Run Shopping Carts

Managing Currencies in MagentoMagento content management system allows money transactions in a number of methods. It is the perfect eCommerce CMS for developing and maintaining a successful online store. In this blog post we will be highlighting the necessary things required to deal with money in Magento. It will cover:

  1. How to Setup Currency Options
  2. How to manage Currencies
  3. How to Customize Currency Symbols
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Email to a Friend Feature in Magento Shopping Carts

Email to a Friend Feature in MagentoUse the Email to a Friend feature in Magento to share products between customers and their friends. Interested customers can refer the product to their near and dear ones easily. They can mail their friends with a sample soft copy of the product for referral.

But in order to take advantage of the email to a friend feature in Magento, the store manager has to enable product sharing via email, set the default template and allow guest to share products.

This blog post will let you set email to a friend feature in Magento store.

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Translate Magento Navigation Menus in 2 Easy Methods

Translate Magento Navigation MenusTruly international eCommerce websites can be created using Magento. It provides three different views for a single view. So a store manager can display the same content in three languages to its customers. After creating multiple store view, you can also translate in more languages as well.

But instead of translating the whole Magento website, in this blog post we will be discussing the steps to translate Magento navigation menus only.

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Get Free Magento Product By Purchasing Another Product

Get Free Magento Product By Purchasing Another ProductUsing Magento’s advanced features; store managers can gift free products to their customers. It is a best form of promotion to bring more number of potent customers and improve customers’ loyalty as well. This is only possible because of Magento’s flexible prices.

Customers can get free Magento products on the purchase of a fixed quantity of specific products. You can set this feature on your own Magento run shopping cart also.

This tutorial on how to get free Magento product with another product will cover all the steps in detail. Using these steps you can either offer a Magento product free of cost with the purchase of certain quantity or gift an entirely different product.

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