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16 things you need to avoid in WordPress

WordPress users and developers make mistakes and here are the most common 16 mistakes. Have a look at them and keep away from committing the same blunders. Read through to know the 16 things you need to avoid in WordPress.

1. Do not miss the best plugins:

Though it is not easy to try all the plugins of WordPress and use the best ones, you need to have the following:

  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Contact Form 7
  • Akismet
  • All in One SEO pack

2. No Back Up:

You need to create a back up manually by choosing Tools>Export. You can also have a plugin to do this automatically. This is because; you may face the problem of the site crashing at any time.

3. Say no to unfriendly permalink structure:

WordPress does not have a search friendly link and so you need to add the keywords using the permalink.

  • Go to Options
  • Select permalink in the Admin panel
  • Enter /%category%%postgame%%post_id” in the custom text box

4. Sticking to a single server:

Make sure your content is copied in many of the mirror servers across the internet.  Regardless of where the visit the page from, it is easy for the guests to view this page.

5. Saying no to the analytics program:

When you want to hit the target audience, never try to do it without consulting the Google Analytics Program, which monitors web traffic and tallies the keywords.

6. Paying no attention to integrate Webmaster Tools:

You can get the statistics that are highly beneficial when you get the aid of webmaster tools.

7. Ignoring Google Authorship Bookmark:

When you use Google Authorship Bookmark, you can increase the credibility and the exposure is also enhanced. It is a simple process and you can see an image in the meta description in the search results.

8. Not taking advantage of Gravatar:

Like the Google Authorship, the Gravatar too offer credibility and draws attention. If you do not know what is a Gravatar, it is a globally recognized avatar, that is shown for you in the internet, regardless of the blog or site. You can get it with a simple registration process. You need to go through it only once but the result is that you get good influence.

9. Using the Default Favicon:

You need to have a custom icon for your site. A favicon or the icon is displayed in the address bar and depicts your website. You can create your own favicon by looking for one in the internet, and create your own image. Then go to the images section of your theme, and replace the default favicon with the new one.

10. Not considering mobile users:

Your web traffic has considerable number of mobile users and you need to customize your site with a plugin like WP touch or you need go for mobile themes that are smartphone, iPhone, and iPod touch responsive.

11. Using cPanel for FTP:

FTP has lots of advantages over cPanel. It is faster and easier.

12. Too much of info:

Do not include links, widgets and ads that distract the readers. Simplicity is what appreciated by the readers.

13. Passing on blog authoring tools:

Use a blog authoring tool and they help you in writing blogs offline.

14. Ignoring the updates:

Do not ignore the WordPress updates else you are opening gates for the security threats.

15. Not choosing the right hosting company:

Do not compromise features and support services for money when it comes to choosing a hosting company. Instead of going for the cheapest plan and a cheapest company, get in touch with experts.

16. Defective theme:

Choose a theme that suits your website and not based on the price.

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