10 reasons to choose Joomla CMS

Choosing a content management system can be very difficult and tricky. Without a clearly defined set of requirements, one can be easily seduced by the fancy functionalities. There are a lot of factors to be considered while setting up a new website like domain name and design, but the most important of all is choosing the right platform. There is only one award-winning content management system that meets all of these needs and is used by millions around the world, including some of the most respected corporations: Joomla. Below is a list of 10 reasons to choose Joomla CMS.

Why should we choose Joomla CMS?

Free to download open source

Joomla is a content management system which enables one to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its extensibility and ease-of-use have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. But the best of all aspects which has made Joomla popular is Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. Anyone can download Joomla at any time. It is a free to download software. Since now it has been downloaded over 35 million times.

 More than 7000 extensions

Joomla has over 7000 extensions and is supported by one of the largest global development communities. Extensions are used to add better functionality to the joomla site. One can focus on designing a great web site when there are many useful features that one can add on as needed. These free Joomla extensions are available to accommodate the unique web development needs of the user.

Active forum

The Joomla’s forum is the busiest and most friendly support forums in the world, and they are a meet other Joomla users great place to get help. This forum is very beneficial to the beginners as   then can take the help of the forum to get your issues fixed. The forum post assistant helps to provide more information and explain the problems in a better way.

Award winning CMS

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Its various aspects like free to download open source which allows a free access to all, easy to use, extensibility has made it the most popular CMS in the world. People prefer this CMS due to its wide range features and functionalities.

Has been preferred by renowned companies

Joomla delivers high performance and most cost effective websites than any other CMS and this is the reason it is appreciated by most renowned web design companies. McArabia, Pizza Hut, the UK Ministry of Defence, the Greek Government, the High Court of Australia and MTV in Greece are some of the renowned companies which use Joomla.

About 2.8 %of the website on internet use Joomla

According to resources, of the websites that use a CMS, 2.8% use Joomla whereas every other CMS monitored has a smaller percentage share than Joomla making it one of the most popular software available. Extended security systems such as regular server auditing services makes Joomla one of the most secure web platforms available.

Thousands of Non Commercial and Commercial templates to download

There are thousands of both commercial and non commercial templates available in Joomla which one can use to create their own website. Various templates based on different themes and fields are available which makes the work of user easy as they get their templates which satisfy their needs and requirements.

Secured and regular updated by the community developers

 Joomla CMS is used on over 2.9% of all web sites worldwide which means that updates are presented in real time by the community developers or an aggressive online development community. Extended security systems such as Secure Live services make Joomla one of the most secure web platforms.

SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the process of improving the volume and quality of Website from search engines. A site that has been optimised according to SEO practices is said to be Search Engine Friendly .Joomla has some built in SEO settings and options which makes it Search Engine Friendly.

Easy to understand and can be managed

Once you experience working with Joomla CMS you will be addicted to learning all that you can do with these tools. It is easy to understand and manage for which the beginners opt this. The more you know, the more are the possibilities of what you can create online.